What’s the Catch?

Overfishing and poor fisheries management is a global issue impacting more than 3 billion people worldwide who depend on seafood as their primary source of protein. Populations from the Pacific Island to the United Kingdom are addressing this complex problem that is heavily influenced by ecology, economics, and anthropology. EarthEcho International traveled to Plymouth, England to explore fisheries that were thought to be beyond recovery but has rebounded in recent years thanks to new technology guiding resource managers.

EarthEcho Expeditions: What’s the Catch? will take to the seas exploring the technological advances and policy solutions that have allowed the initial recovery of fisheries working with fisheries biologists, ecologists, fishermen, policy-makers, and young people who are taking the lead in making sure that the UK’s beloved fish & chips are sustainable. Philippe Cousteau and the EarthEcho International team set out to explore the history of fisheries and discover what solutions are on the horizon. 

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