Hayley Morgan

Hayley Morgan was born in and grew up in Coventry but has always loved to travel. After completing A-Levels she trained in finance but soon felt the call of more long term travel so after 4 years of work she left her job to backpack for a year. This not only gave her the opportunity to really experience some special and unique wonders of the natural world but also opened her eyes to the need to protect it. The National Parks and protected areas Hayley visited during her time abroad, encouraged her to study for a degree in Ecology, as she wanted to be part of taking care of it. After the first year, she applied to volunteer for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Putting her degree on hold, she went to the Northern Kimberley region of Australia to work on a large project studying the decline of Gouldian Finches and small native mammals in agricultural areas of Australia. This led to a relationship with the organization which over a 5 year period, involved Hayley spending 2 years working as a Field Ecologist on many more projects across the country, as well as completing her degree in between trips. She now works for a local school back in Coventry as a science teacher with the responsibility of Head of Biology.  She is still passionate about conservation and is keen to become more actively involved again. Hayley’s interests are camping, visiting historical sites, seeing friends and of course travel.