Stacey Rafalowski

Chief Program Officer

After spending nearly 20 years in marine science and science education, Stacey Rafalowski has invested a career in improving the way learning happens for young scientists and environmentalists. In her role directing EarthEcho International’s program development, she has spearheaded the creation of EarthEcho’s signature adventure learning and teacher development programs while expanding offerings to support impactful integration of youth leadership. In her positions prior to joining EarthEcho, Stacey focused on building school and community support around innovative programs that combine environmental education, civic agency, and service-learning. She continues to build networks of support for formal and informal educators to enhance learning strategies around STEM and marine education.

Stacey began her career as a marine biologist and continues to be active in the Charleston, SC community serving as a mentor for graduate and undergraduate marine science students as well as the proud leader of local Girl Scout troop.