EarthEcho Academy

The EarthEcho Academy grounds environmental STEM (E-STEM) content in some of the biggest, most complex challenges facing our planet. Through the EarthEcho Academy continued professional learning courses, teachers have ready-to-use classroom resources that are accompanied by EarthEcho Academy workshops providing real-time professional support and a community of practice to provide strategies to develop students’ inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Latest Content Release: An Ocean of Opportunity

Through EarthEcho Academy: An Ocean of Opportunity, teachers will better understand and be equipped with ready-to-use materials to instruct about the “blue” economy, ocean exploration, the ocean as a source of renewable energy and innovation, and ocean-based solutions to climate change.

To access the course content, click on the chapters below:

In addition to the content above, educators can access these ready-to-use activities and lessons to further enhance their students' learning:

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Feedback from our community of educators

“I have lots of ideas of how to incorporate what I have learned into mini lessons for units that I already teach, and the need to include more environmental justice lessons as well!”
-6th Grade Teacher; Fairfax, VA

“These ideas will fit perfectly into my existing curriculum.
-7th Grade Teacher; Miami, FL

“I was really impressed with the materials, I have written environmental education materials, I have worked as an environmental scientist, and I was really impressed with how meaningful the content is especially the environmental justice modules.”
-7th Grade Teacher; El Segundo, CA

“I just want more. More videos, more activities, more discussions. It was all so engaging I found myself not wanting to do anything else.”
-7th Grade Teacher; Fairfax, VA

“I was hoping to come away with engaging and informative curriculum and this more than surpassed that expectation.”
-7th Grade Teacher; El Segundo, CA