EarthEcho Academy

The EarthEcho Academy is a learning space developed to provide online courses and other opportunities for teacher professional learning. The EarthEcho Academy reimagines the EarthEcho Expeditions content, to provide teachers with a set of ready-to-use virtual tools for both in-person and virtual classrooms, AND expand and diversify EarthEcho’s educator network.

As with the EarthEcho Expeditions professional learning experience, the EarthEcho Academy grounds environmental STEM content in some of the biggest, most complex challenges facing our planet. Through the EarthEcho Academy courses, teachers have ready-to-use classroom resources that are accompanied by EarthEcho Academy workshops providing real-time professional support and a community of practice to provide strategies to develop students’ inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Coming Soon - Virtual Event: Blue Economy

Check back for dates for U.S., U.K., and Australia virtual workshops in 2023!

100+ professional teachers and 2,500+ students in the EarthEcho Academy Community

Access award-winning materials including a short middle grade unit on Environmental Justice

Feedback from our community of educators

“I have lots of ideas of how to incorporate what I have learned into mini lessons for units that I already teach, and the need to include more environmental justice lessons as well!”
-6th Grade Teacher; Fairfax, VA

“These ideas will fit perfectly into my existing curriculum.
-7th Grade Teacher; Miami, FL

“I was really impressed with the materials, I have written environmental education materials, I have worked as an environmental scientist, and I was really impressed with how meaningful the content is especially the environmental justice modules.”
-7th Grade Teacher; El Segundo, CA

“I just want more. More videos, more activities, more discussions. It was all so engaging I found myself not wanting to do anything else.”
-7th Grade Teacher; Fairfax, VA

“I was hoping to come away with engaging and informative curriculum and this more than surpassed that expectation.”
-7th Grade Teacher; El Segundo, CA