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The EarthEcho Academy is a resource hub designed to help teachers and educators bring conversations about climate change, environmental stewardship, and restoration into their classrooms. From ready-to-use classroom resources, to free learning workshops and real-time professional support, EarthEcho Academy grounds environmental STEM (E-STEM) content in some of the biggest, most complex challenges facing our planet, and provides strategies to develop students’ inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

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Our free, online topic-based resources help learners of all backgrounds gain a better understanding of the complex and critical issues our environment faces. Through these self-guided resources, participants will meet a variety of STEM professionals and learn about the innovative ideas and solutions being used to address the climate crisis. In addition, teachers and educators have access to ready-to-use activities and lessons designed to fold this content seamlessly into their classrooms.
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EarthEcho Academy helps teachers and educators take their skills to the next level. Check out one of our virtual or in-person professional learning workshops, or join our community of practice to connect with other peers and professionals.
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Teachers and educators around the globe are invited to join our Educator Echo community. Sign up today to receive exclusive monthly updates and opportunities to to build community (and capacity) with like-minded educators and share opportunities to protect and restore our ocean planet.
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The EarthEcho Academy LinkedIn Group is an informal space for educators around the globe to connect, network, and share resources and opportunities.
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