Barbara Sing

Expedition Fellow: Plasticseas

I am an enthusiastic educator with a passion for environmental science and have involved my students in real-world research and experiences and given them the power to initiate action to change community behavior towards litter entering the waterways.

As a Primary and Secondary Science teacher in Western Australia (formerly a geologist)  I have led by example, coordinating multiple excursions across both Primary and Secondary classes to engage my students in cultural, sustainable, scientific and environmental endeavours, building their capacity for ethical understanding and to be active citizens in their community; a goal stated in the 2009 Melbourne Declaration on Goals for Young Australians. My effectiveness as an innovative teacher, striving for excellence and working to change school culture to embed science and sustainability education was recognized in the 2012 WA Regional Achievement and Community Awards, the 2014 WA Primary Science Award and The Australian Association of Environmental educators WA Award.  I seize every opportunity to take students on field trips to experience environmental learning in learning environments as well as cultural experiences. I extend this learning to my colleagues by engaging them in excursions and sharing my planning. My Students have been in Iconic Species Monitoring and installation of Fishing Line Recovery Bins in the Kimberley, Dolphin Watch, Marine Debris, Shorebird Education, wildlife monitoring, tree planting and Kids Teaching Kids in Mandurah.

I am also actively involved as a member of Community groups (integrating within my classes where possible) including The Australian Association of Environmental Educators WA, The Australian Citizen Science Association WA, Mandurah Heritage and Environment Group, Estuary Guardians and Peel Preservation Group; who have received a grant to install a Sea Bin in a few months time. I also volunteer with Mandurah Dolphin Rescue, Seabird Rescue, and the Shorebird 2020 count.