Roles & Responsibilities


Members of the EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council will:

  • Represent EarthEcho International by speaking at conferences, events, and trainings, both in person and virtually, as appropriate opportunities arise throughout their term. Members may also have the opportunity to speak with and/or on behalf of EarthEcho International co-founder and president, Philippe Cousteau.
  • Serve as ambassadors for EarthEcho International programs by collaborating with fellow Council members to develop and implement campaigns designed to mobilize young people to take conservation action in their local communities.
  • Provide ongoing input and recommendations, from a youth perspective, to EarthEcho International’s staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors regarding the development and implementation of programs designed to authentically engage young people as leaders in their communities.
  • Serve in an advisory capacity and provide youth input to EarthEcho International’s partner organizations, and other external groups seeking to develop youth programs or strategies to engage young people in their work.
  • Assist with award and/or grant programs to support and recognize the work of young conservation leaders as opportunities arise.
  • Interact with and potentially serve as a youth member on EarthEcho International’s Board of Directors.


In order to effectively carry out this role, YLC members will be expected to:

  • Participate in a working monthly conference call with fellow Council members and EarthEcho staff and an initial virtual training on the work of EarthEcho International at the beginning of their term.
  • Select a program committee to work with and participate in communication and regular calls with program committee members/EarthEcho staff as needed to accomplish committee work.
  • Contribute 5-6 hours a month to the work of the YLC during their term.
  • Provide leadership to the YLC to ensure it functions as a youth-driven entity within EarthEcho International.
  • Report progress on YLC projects to EarthEcho International staff on a regular basis.
  • Participate in an annual meeting for collaborative planning and professional development with other members of the YLC as funding permits.