How old do I have to be to apply for the Youth Leadership Council?

Youth Leadership Council members must be between the ages of 15-22 at the time of application.

How long do members serve on the Youth Leadership Council?

Members serve a two year term on the Youth Leadership Council.

Can I apply for the Youth Leadership Council if I live outside of the United States?

Applicants from outside of the United States are welcome to apply for the Youth Leadership Council. All applicants should have the ability to clearly write and communicate in the English language.

How do I access the 2024 Youth Leadership Council application?

The 2024 Youth Leadership Council application can be accessed through GenSea, EarthEcho's digital community platform connecting our global network of young ocean advocates. Already have an account on GenSea? You can access the Youth Leadership Council application here. If you’re new to GenSea, visit www.joingensea.org and request an invitation. If you’re between the ages of 13-25, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail to activate your account within 1-2 days. Follow the instructions to finalize your GenSea account, and log-in to access the Youth Leadership Council application.

What will I be doing as a Youth Leadership Council member?

The Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is the guiding youth voice driving the development and implementation of EarthEcho’s global programs designed to provide knowledge and develop tools to drive meaningful environmental action to protect and restore our ocean planet. Council members connect through monthly calls and virtual communication to provide guidance and leadership to EarthEcho’s programs while leading international campaigns to mobilize their peers to take ocean conservation action. Council members serve on committees to drive the implementation of campaigns to engage youth leaders in action to protect our ocean planet, create learning and action opportunities for young conservation leaders worldwide, and support the development of EarthEcho’s programs. Council members also have the opportunity to attend in-person meetings and training events, represent EarthEcho at conferences and community events, and collaborate with EarthEcho partners as opportunities arise.

What background experience do I need to apply?

Council members are selected to ensure the group contains members with diverse skill sets and experiences, a passion for environmental conservation, and an interest in providing a youth voice to the work of EarthEcho International. When completing your responses, consider the following criteria used by our application review team: conservation interest and leadership experience (applicant’s understanding of an environmental or environmental justice issue, evidence of environmental action, previous engagement in EarthEcho programs), skills and proficiencies (applicant’s unique skills or perspectives including communication skills, knowledge of specific ocean or environmental issues, experience leading conservation projects, underrepresented or traditionally excluded cultural and ethnic perspectives), and teamwork/collaboration (applicant’s experiences working in a team setting, collaborating with other organizations, personally organizing a team)

What are examples of past projects Youth Leadership Council members have been involved in?

Council members have a diverse role providing input and ideas to shape EarthEcho International’s existing and developing programs, while implementing their own campaigns to support EarthEcho’s work. YLC led initiatives have included:

OceanEcho 30x30 – an international campaign led by EarthEcho’s YLC designed to amplify the collective impact of youth-led action to protect 30% of the global ocean by 2030 (30x30). To date, this campaign has engaged over 20,000 community members directly through educational events and outreach focused on the importance of marine protected areas, mobilized youth leaders worldwide to advance policy, including the successful commitment to a global and U.S. level 30x30 ocean goal, and engaged youth leaders in communities from Puerto Rico to Hawaii and Argentina to the Galapagos in coastal habitat restoration efforts.

GenSea - Uniting EarthEcho's global community of young ocean advocates ages 13-25, GenSea provides year round networking, learning, and collective action opportunities to advance ocean protection for members from 100+ countries. The YLC plays a leadership role in building programming, campaigns, and opportunities for action in coordination with EarthEcho staff and GenSea members.

Youth Leadership Summit - YLC members play a key role in driving the annual EarthEcho Youth Leadership Summit, a convening of young ocean advocates focused on equipping participants with the skills, resources, and opportunities to advance ocean protection and ocean-based climate solutions. For three years, this event has virtually united hundreds of participants from 40+ countries and territories. In 2023, the YLC united over 230 youth and community mentors at the EarthEcho Youth Leadership Summit through eight in-person events around the world, as well as through a virtual session, focused on elevating youth leadership in advancing ocean climate action

I completed my EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council application – what happens next?

Applications will be reviewed over the coming weeks by a team from EarthEcho International. During this time some applicants may be contacted for follow-up interviews. All applicants will be notified of their application status by mid June of their application year.

What are other ways I can connect with EarthEcho International?

Join GenSea, our global community of young ocean advocates ages 13-25, connected for year-round networking, learning, and collective action to protect and restore our ocean planet. Additionally, be sure to connect with EarthEcho via social media on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Still have questions? Please direct additional questions to Sean Russell via email at srussell@earthecho.org or 202-350-3190.