Victoria Huber

Victoria Huber is a middle school student at Sanford Middle Magnet School, where she attends Marine Biology and Ecology electives. As an active NJHS chairperson, Victoria introduced the Litterati app to her school body, empowering students to create a cleaner school and a cleaner world. She is a US Naval Sea Cadet, an Ambassador for the Marine Conservation Network, and a young marine biologist at the Marine Biological Association. As a certified diver, she loves being underwater and understands that all actions and efforts to protect marine life are essential, but all marine creatures need their habitat, the Ocean. Humans also need a healthy Ocean to survive, and water conservation is vital since all waterways lead to the sea. Victoria is an Ocean warrior and a shark lover. Her dream goal is to promote and increase Ocean Literacy for all, making the chance to serve as an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador such a special opportunity.