Ugo Angeletti

Youth Council Member

Ugo Angeletti is a Freshman at Florida International University pursuing a major in Marketing and minor in Agroecology. Having taken AP Environmental in 10th grade and multiple courses related to the environment, he clearly understands the urgency of climate change and its effect on our planet. Filled with a passion for the environment from a young age, through outdoor activities in nature, hiking mountains, swimming in rivers, climbing trees where a normality. He co-founded back2earth, a non-profit with 1 mission: to stop organic waste from reaching landfills. The organization does this in multiple ways, from educating kids and families about composting, promoting the act of composting in his local community and lastly providing an organic waste collection service. Ugo has helped back2earth grown exponentially in a just a few months due to his marketing skills, which include the programming of their website, managing their social media extensively, creating animation videos, targeting the right audience, and connecting with other local organization and activists. On his free time, he likes to dive, hike (when possible because he lives in Florida), play tennis, read, and watch movies.