Team Crayfish

Hello! We are 8th graders at Medea Creek Middle School in Oak Park, California. We have been working as Team Crayfish since our project began in 6th grade during our environmental elective. Last August, our team won first place in the OurEcho Challenge (2020) for our project to remove invasive Red Swamp Crayfish from our local creek. Since then we have been working with our expanded club to remove more crayfish from our creek and educate the community about the problem.

Pasha Heydari: When I am not working towards saving the environment, I am probably taking part in my hobbies like video games and basketball.

Cheng Ning: On off times, when I’m not purging crayfish, I’m your typical 8th grader involving myself in hobbies such as photography/cinematography, digital art, speedcubing, and speed typing/custom keyboard modding.

Benjamin Rassibi: I love to help the environment and trapping crayfish but I also really love computer science, playing basketball, and video games!