Surjan Singh

Surjan Singh follows an ethos of “the more difficult a challenge, the more exciting it is to pursue”. Surjan has regularly involved himself with communities of people that are highly motivated to work on challenging problems; this has led to roles in team management, event coordination, engineering solutions, planning museum exhibits, and starting companies. He has started 5 companies and ran 2 organizations over the past 7 years, spanning multiple industries segments. He is currently a Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Spira Inc, focusing on the development of a more sustainable supply chain through engineering and photosynthetic production of industrial chemicals and ingredients. Surjan has also leveraged his skills to work on small passion projects from local film festivals to think tanks that generate ideas for increased economic opportunities in business development for underserved populations. If ever a problem shows up, you can absolutely expect Surjan to be interested in helping implement a solution. Because what else are problems for, but opportunities to help the world reach its potential.