Sonia Violante Ptasznik

Sonia Violante Ptasznik, 21, is an environmental technician and a student of Biological Sciences at the State University of São Paulo in Brazil. Since commencing her studies, she has spearheaded projects dedicated to oceanic well-being, particularly focused on rallying the youth in this noble cause.

Noteworthy among Sonia's projects are the "Young Albatross Collective" and the "Mantas of Brazil Project," both geared towards encourage young individuals for the decade of the ocean. The "Tamar Project", with its central focus on environmental education and sea turtle conservation. Furthermore, Sonia has actively engaged in two virtual exchange programs: the Virtual Mobility Program: Youth Exchange São Paulo (Brazil) - Aichi (Japan) and the Czech-Brazilian Institute exchange. Through these endeavors, Sonia has authored articles elucidating the importance of youth involvement in the decade of the ocean and advocating for the utilization of sustainable resources as a viable energy source.

One of Sonia's paramount passions lies in the exploration of marine biology's intricacies and the dissemination of environmental awareness. With this ethos, one of her primary goals is to mobilize a vast audience on the significance of the seas through artistic expression, viewing it as a potent catalyst for societal change.