Sergio Alvarez Gómez

Youth Leadership Council Member

Sergio is a senior student at San Francisco High School in Galapagos Ecuador. He joined the Mola-mola Eco-club of  Ecology Project International in 2017 and he worked on some projects such as the environmental education program for the protection of the green sea turtle in the Galapagos Islands, renewable sources and biodiversity inventory. With his hard work he became an essential member of the eco-club and started his own projects in order to engage people in the ecological movement. One of his projects is about teaching people in his community how to create alternatives to plastic, starting by creating reusable bags made of old t-shirts. With this project he works with other conservation groups that lead several projects about alternatives to plastic such as Frente Insular and Iguana Cup. He works with them in leading public programs showing his work to the community.

He also worked alongside Mola-Mola Eco-Club on an initiative about protecting the birds in the highways of his island. The project works with a little show on the traffic lights of the principal streets. He designed the bird suits and the signals with recycled cardboard that were used in the show and also made awareness in the community through the local radio and social networks.

He started and led other project with the Buzztrans Compañia de Transporte de Pasajeros S.A., a company that takes passengers from the airport to the main dock of the island, focused on teaching kids how to protect the environment with games and dynamic activities in the beaches of Baltra island, using the buses of the company as transport for them.

In 2019 he was selected to participate in an exchange program in Costa Rica to be part of the leatherback sea turtle protection program. Sadly, the program was canceled due to covid-19. He also was accepted to work at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in the future because of his great work and knowledge of marine life.

He currently continues to work at the Mola-mola Eco-Club as a volunteer and encourages people to take part in the ecological movement. He is a great drawer and a big chess player. He practices lots of sports including martial arts and cross fit. He is looking for new adventures and experiences every day.