Sean Russell

Associate Director of Youth Engagement and Partnerships

For over a decade, Sean Russell has worked with a diverse set of non-profit organizations, corporations, and government agencies, to elevate the role of youth leadership in the fields of marine science, education, and conservation. As EarthEcho International’s Associate Director of Youth Engagement and Partnerships, Sean leads efforts to meaningfully engage youth leaders across EarthEcho’s suite of programs while fostering partnerships to grow the reach and impact of EarthEcho’s work to inspire young people to act now for a sustainable future. Sean previously managed the EarthEcho Water Challenge, a global citizen science program that has engaged over 1.6 million participants from 146 countries. In this role Sean led initiatives to increase participation around the world, develop diverse education program partnerships, and equip young people with tools to translate their water quality data into meaningful action to protect their local watersheds.

Additionally, Sean is the founder and director of the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit. Through this program, he works to empower young people with the knowledge, tools, and funds to launch solutions-oriented ocean conservation projects in communities across the country. Sean serves on the National Marine Educators Association Board of Directors and as a member of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument Community Group, is an advisor to The Ocean Project, and co-creator of the Sea Youth Rise Up initiative. Follow him on Instagram @sean_russell92.