Sam Moorhead

Sam Moorhead is a Junior at Glenbard West High School in Illinois. She has always loved animals and nature. For the past three years, she has been a Cosley Junior Zookeeper where she is certified to handle six animal species (several rabbit breeds, several chicken breeds, African Pygmy Hedgehogs, Blue Tongue Skinks, Blanding Turtles, and Three Toed Box Turtles). She volunteers at Cosley so she can educate her community on the importance of conservation to animals, specifically animals within her community. She is able to do this through multiple activities, but her favorite is animal encounters where she allows visitors to touch the animal in a safe way and teaches them all about the animal.

Sam also serves as a two-time captain on her varsity lacrosse team and plays on the varsity field hockey team. She enjoys mentoring younger students as well in her roles as a middle school youth group leader, youth lacrosse coach, and freshmen orientation mentor.

Sam wants to do as much as she can for conservation within her community, therefore, she is excited to be a Marine Plastics Ambassador this year.