Ryann Jibson

Ryann is currently at the University of Michigan studying Earth and Environmental Science with a focus in Oceanography. Growing up on the coast of Lake Michigan, Ryann developed a love for water early on. She currently works in the Michigan Geomicrobiology lab studying Harmful Algal Blooms and the threat they pose to the Great Lakes and surrounding communities. While finding this research meaningful and fulfilling, she is excited to shift gears and tackle an issue that challenges water quality globally–marine plastics.

First joining the Earth Echo team in 2018 as a Water Challenge Ambassador, Ryann is eager to fill her new role. Since serving as a Water Challenge Ambassador, she has held several leadership positions with a sustainable focus, planned a campus wide teach-in on climate change, and organized several events to get kids excited about science. She hopes to use these experiences to engage her community in the fight against marine plastic.