Paul Junior Malinda

Paul Malinda is a dynamic young entrepreneur from South Africa who is leveraging his background in Information Technology and passion for social development to make a positive impact on his community. As a Information Technology student Paul recognized the potential of technology to create opportunities and foster empowerment, which led him to organize workshops and events for youth skill development. Not only is Paul Malinda  an impressive entrepreneur and social impact leader but he is also a Global Citizen and Bevioioneers alumni. During his time in these prestigious programs he developed a project focused on climate change and its impact on society. Paul's dedication to finding solutions for climate change and environmental issues has led him to become an inspiring voice for sustainability and innovation in his community and beyond. His work with both Global Citizen and Bevioioneers is a testament to his commitment to building a better world through meaningful action. Paul's commitment to climate action and sustainability adds another dimension to his impactful work. His passion for finding innovative solutions to plastic pollution and other environmental issues showcases his belief that technology can be a force for good and that meaningful change is possible when people come together.