Oscar Segura

Water Challenge Youth Coordinator

Mexico City

Oscar is a Water Challenge Youth Coordinator leading the Ambassador cohort in Mexico City. He is a student of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and he is in the sixth semester of his major, Environmental Engineering. He is the president of a student association called Environmental Engineering Society of the Faculty of Engineering which is an association with the purpose of representing the students' Environmental Engineering career, also generating and participating in projects in the environmental area from the engineering perspective, as well as to improve the different capacities and abilities of the members. He is participating in a project that is about creating a rain collection system for the Faculty of Engineering. He also has been doing some research about how to treat water with bioremediation. In his free time he loves to play video games, he also likes to feel adrenaline by parachuting and going to amusement parks. Oscar is excited to participate and be an ambassador of the 2022-2023 EarthEcho Water Challenge.