Nicolas Lama

Youth Leadership Council member

Riviera Beach, FL

Nicolas Lama is a nineteen year old environmental activist from West Palm Beach, Florida. He is currently a sophomore at Columbia University studying political science and economics with a focus on sustainable development and environmental policy. Nicolas believes that our government is the most effective venue to make the systemic changes we need to combat climate change and other environmental issues, and so he plans to pursue a future in law, policymaking, and government in order to be a fierce advocate for our planet.

Growing up on Florida's coast, Nicolas has been surrounded by water and the ocean his entire life and is deeply passionate about addressing the urgent issues they face. Nicolas is a trained Climate Reality Leader and previously served as a Senior EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador for two years, educating his community about water quality monitoring and water conservation. In 2019, Nicolas also founded his own environmental initiative, The Grove Project, which raised awareness about the importance of South Florida's mangrove ecosystems and led conservation efforts in the area. In addition to his environmental advocacy, Nicolas is an avid surfer, scuba diver, and runner.