Michael Sixtus

Panel Member

Michael Sixtus was born in northern California, but growing up in the Caribbean, between Puerto Rico, Florida, and Jamaica, led to a lifelong interest in marine science. He learned to snorkel in Puerto Rico and to SCUBA dive in Jamaica, which further increased his interests in marine science. Michael received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Spanish from Santa Clara University and a Masters in Marine Physiological Ecology from San Diego State University. As an undergraduate student, Michael was given the opportunity to travel to the Marshall Islands to help establish a reference collection for Santa Clara University.

After receiving his bilingual teaching credentials in 1985, Mike began his career in the classroom teaching courses in AP Environmental Science, Chemistry, and Biology. Throughout the years he has taken advantage of the numerous summer opportunities available: a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship in Chemistry, a marine science program in Key Largo, an international social studies program in Indiana, and numerous biotechnology programs in San Diego.  He also designed a four-year college-prep marine science program for students at the high school level.  After 26 years in the classroom, Michael has retired and now spends time volunteering at the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Natural History Museum Whaler Program, and the local Audubon Society Outdoor Education Program. In his spare time, him and his wife of 40 years, Ann, enjoy traveling, photography, music, and theatre.