Maraki Tamrat

Maraki Tamrat is a rising senior at Greenhills High School and is of Ethiopian descent. She grew up in Vienna, Austria where she spent a majority of her weekends hiking through the woods with her family. This is where her love for ecology and fascination with the environment began. 

She worked with EarthEcho for a year before becoming a part of the Youth Leadership Council and also works with Planned Parenthood of Michigan. Maraki works as a Peer Educator in which she teaches sexual health at schools all over her city. As a part of her school’s student council, she has held several conversations on making sanitary products accessible to all as well as more eco-friendly. In her efforts, she was able to implement free menstrual products in all bathrooms.

Maraki has been running a (virtual) book club ever since the start of COVID-19. She has connected teens from all over the Globe through Zoom and through this has hosted an international book swap. Her love of the environment and topics such as the importance of recycling were also heavily discussed during these Zooms. She enjoys reading, music, picnics, and playing the guitar. She is thrilled to serve on the Youth Leadership Council and can’t wait to help connect teens all around to advocate for the Earth!