Maggie Peacock

Youth Leadership Council member

Lipan, TX

Maggie Peacock is from Lipan, Texas and currently a student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi where she’s majoring in biology with a focus on marine life and minoring in political science. 

Visits to zoos and aquariums and family trips to the Gulf of Mexico growing up ignited Maggie’s passion for ocean conservation. As an elementary student, Maggie founded a student-led organization at her school, known as V.O.I.C.E.S, where they raised funds and awareness for endangered wildlife around the globe, and taught younger students the importance of environmentalism in their community. To this day Maggie still hosts fundraisers and other projects to inspire younger kids to love and protect the ocean. 

Throughout her high school career, Maggie has worked with many fellow young environmental leaders with organizations such as the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Youth Advisory Council and YOUNGO Ocean’s Voice Working Group. She is currently an Inland Ocean Coalition Ambassador as well as the co-founder and executive director of the Gulf of Mexico Youth Climate Summit. She recently gave her first Tedx Talk alongside Armon Alex about including young leaders in today’s climate conversations. 

Maggie is extremely excited for this opportunity to be an EarthEcho Youth Leadership council member and work alongside other incredible youth activists.