Lawrence Ramos

Expedition Fellow: Water By Design

Lawrence Ramos is a special education teacher at Emerson Middle School in Westwood, CA. He started as an exchange teacher from the Philippines and has taught in elementary special education programs for students with Autism and Specific Learning Disability, teaching in both LA's inner city and beach city schools. He has participated in national teacher science academies, namely the Exxon Mobil-Mickelson Science Teachers Academy in New Jersey and the Space Camp for Teachers in Huntsville, Alabama. This is all because of his interest in the sciences, having majored in medical technology, and was preparing to go to medical school before he got an invitation to teach in an exclusive school for boys in the southern part of Manila. The rest is history as to how he ended up in the business of educating our children. He continues to teach STEM as a Coding teacher at Emerson, as he tries to bring coding to all demographics and make coders out of students of all abilities, instilling in them the knowledge and the consequent passion. This year, he aims to focus all his class' coding projects in creating awareness of environmental issues and in challenging his students to propose solutions through websites, games, and apps.