Kaelin David

Kaelin David is a rising junior from Los Angeles, California. As a Water Challenge Ambassador, she sees an opportunity to lend herself towards a journey of compassion. Poor water quality unleashes its most biting effects on aquatic wildlife, most prominently fish, bugs, and plants; it lashes out against the industries that are dependent on pristine, ample waters, like agriculture, power plants, or food processing facilities; and it will inevitably land its blow against humanity, who try, hopelessly, to restore the lasting effects of tainted water quality. Water quality is pervasive, and multifaceted. Having a profound interest in water conservation, the preservation of the environment, and how it intertwines with humanity, and the diverse organisms that roam this planet, she hopes to advocate for constant striving towards finding the equilibrium between protecting humanity, other sentient creatures, and the planet. To her, water quality is a perpetual endeavor of compassion to preserve the waters that afford all forms of life on this planet. She is thrilled to embark upon this new endeavor as a Water Challenge Ambassador.