Julián Álvarez

Youth Leadership Council Member

Julián Álvarez is 17 years old and he is willing to contribute as much as he can and support anything that needs help. He  spent his first seven years in Quito Ecuador, and then spent the rest of his life in the Galapagos Island where he was able to participate in an ecological group where he was able to improve as a person, as well as take advantage of his opportunities to demonstrate leadership and be part of many excursions where he guided others to teach them the wonders of nature.

He loves to help others, apart from the fact that he likes to carry out activities in a fun and lively way, he is passionate about music, and has started to teach guitar on his own. He loves nature, both marine and terrestrial life, apart from loving good reading. He prefers people to be participants in the protection and care of the environment.

He is crossing his last years of high school, and he is a participant in an ecological group called Ecology Project International (EPI), where he has been for four years. He has participated in and led educational excursions, and participates in an activity that is the Protection of the Green Sea Turtle Nesting. He is part of a project that seeks to reduce the use of plastic cups and promote different alternatives to reduce the use of the plastic. He is also part of a program of the government of Galapagos called La Casa De La Cultura (The House Of Culture) where he can do what he loves – music. He has participated in a trip to another island to teach his musical knowledge to young children who do not have the resources to learn on their own.

His goal in his life is always to be happy and to help anyone in need, and to let people know that they are also protagonists in the care and protection of the world around then. He is happy and grateful to have been offered a positive position on the EarthEcho International Youth Council and cannot wait to share his knowledge, jokes and the experiences with others and see what the futures holds.