Jessica Dunn

Expedition Fellow: Plasticseas

Jessica Dunn is a secondary Science teacher at Thomas Hassall Anglican College.  Since she was young, Jessica has been fascinated by learning how things work. This has led to her lifelong love for Science and her passion for inspiring her students to engage in the study of Science. By investigating current scientific research with her students, Jessica aims to help them grasp the significance Science plays in their lives and foster their development of a valuable scientific literacy for life. Jessica is interested in sustainable practices that help to minimize human impacts on the environment and she seeks to empower her students to care for their world. She particularly enjoys teaching the Advanced Science - Marine Studies elective and the gardening and STEM clubs at the College. Jessica is currently involved in developing and implementing a range of STEM initiatives across the secondary school.  In her free time, Jessica loves whale watching, hiking, snorkeling, cooking (and preserving excess produce from the garden) and pretty much any social sport.