Isha Sangani

Youth Leadership Council Member

Isha Sangani is an incoming first year student at Harvard University. She plans to study computer science and integrative biology. Eventually, her goal is to become a marine science researcher.

Isha volunteered at her local aquarium throughout high school, where she learned how critical issues like plastic pollution affect the ocean. This learning spurred her to act. In her junior year, Isha launched an awareness campaign with the goal of getting single-use plastics out of Panda Express. She has educated her campaign's sixteen thousand online supporters and hundreds of community members about plastic pollution, plastic alternatives, and ocean health.

She also helped successfully lobby state legislators for single-use plastic regulations. Since 2019, Isha has served as a Squad Leader at Ocean Heroes Bootcamp, an international summit that teaches youth how to build effective campaigns to protect the ocean.

Recently, Isha has been more active in the climate sphere. She co-founded a nonprofit organization, Earth Strategy, which uses education and conversation to get young people involved in climate policy. She is also a member of the global outreach team for the youth climate organization Zero Hour, where she coordinates with chapters around the world and helps organize digital campaigns.

Isha’s efforts have been featured in local and national media including KOMO News Radio, Northwest Asian Weekly, Earth911, No Kill Magazine, the nationally syndicated TV show Teen Kids News, and more.