Isaac Yebio

Youth Leadership Council member

Rockville, MD

Isaac Yebio is a 15-year old marine biology enthusiast and a rising sophomore at Walter Johnson Highschool. He was born and raised in Maryland but originally descends from Eritrea. His love of the ocean originates from the time he spent in Eritrea in his childhood, where he visited its beaches and became enamored with sea life and its interactions with the ocean. His favorite aquatic animals are dolphins, turtles, and frogs.

He works as.a volunteer coordinator for Silver Spring & Takoma Park Mutual Aid where he helps develop routes and coordinates other volunteers to deliver items to those in need. He also volunteers at the Croydon Creek Nature Center and helps out with the various programs in the summer, along with helping out at numerous parks across his county. 

Isaac is an avid writer and reader, he enjoys diving into all different kinds of genres and subject matters. He works as a reporter for multiple different writing organizations in his county including Moco For Literacy and Moco Student.