Hacie San Jose

Hacie San Jose is a 21-year-old freelance videographer and editor born and raised on the island of Guam. They graduated from the University of Guam with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication & Media with a focus on Mass Media & Journalism. As of 2022, she has participated in the Micronesia Climate Change Alliance’s Kulo’ program where her project consisted of various illustrations of the interpretation of the endangerment of local flora and fauna. Outside of usual work and projects, she dedicates some of her time to photographing protests and advocating against local issues such as the Heartbeat Act and supporting causes like Prutehi Litekyan (Save Ritidian.) She currently is working on documentary work following the development of the notorious Vista Del Mar project on Guam. Most of her efforts are put toward combining her passions with her craft, but she enjoys drawing, baking desserts, and spending time with her cats in her downtime.