Francine Valmaria Elisaia

Francine, a recent graduate of Monash University, achieved her Bachelor of Science with a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Conservation Biology and Ecology. Embracing her passion for environmental conservation post-graduation, she embarked on a career journey as a Terrestrial and Biodiversity Officer at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Samoa, within the Division of Environment and Conservation.

Growing up in a diplomatic household and inspired by her father, His Excellency Ali'ioaiga Feturi Elisaia, Fran has long been attuned to global issues, particularly those surrounding climate challenges. Engaged in environmental initiatives from a young age, she has actively participated in various projects and clubs, advocating for sustainability and youth involvement in shaping a greener future. Notably, she served as a Youth Speaker and Representative, contributing to discussions on the Sustainable Development Goals and its declaration. Fran also attended several Climate Action marches in New York alongside other passionate youth.

Driven by a deep connection to her oceanic roots and a desire to give back to her community, Fran aspires to further her impact through the Youth Ambassador Program. She aims to honor the ocean's significance to herself and the people of Samoa, continuing her stewardship of climate action and environmental preservation.