Emma Bolton

Water Challenge Ambassador

Emma is a 9th grade homeschool student from Brooksville, FL. who is an avid volunteer for many non-profit organizations. She loves to bring joy to others by donating clothes, food or just a helping hand at the many events she volunteers at. She also loves volunteering and taking classes at the local farm that does nature and animal ecotherapy, She created a group, Emma's Seeds of Kindness, bringing people together by putting kindness into action through recycling, being kind to others, encouraging reading, water conservation, sustainability, and education about the environment. Emma loves science, reading, math and poetry. She also loves to perform and dances at the Patel Conservatory along with being a member of the Rhythm and Sole Tap Dance Ensemble and with Speaking In Taps Tap Dance Company. Emma enjoys painting, her art classes, nature, hiking and being with animals. Emma learned about the plight of the bees and decided she wanted to help, so she became a beekeeper tending her own hive. When Emma sees a need she dives in head first to see how she can help. It is with that enthusiasm that she is excited to be an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador, knowing she will learn much and have the opportunity to shine light on water conservation in her own community and beyond!