Elizabeth Sherr

I am an activist for the marine environment and use social media to not only raise awareness of our marine litter issue, but also to influence local action. I believe that small actions around the world can reach a larger-scaled impact in protecting our oceans. I strongly dislike seeing litter in nature, but I try to promote positivity in light of the plastic pollution crisis in beach cleanup videos because my goal is to encourage others to change their behaviors in plastic consumption and to do cleanups in their own local environments. The support from my beach cleanup videos steered me to lead the World Ocean Day Trash Challenge for the European Parliament in which people from 33 countries helped us collect over 800,000 pieces of trash in just 11 days! However, I also spread news on climate issues and disasters to communicate our need to do better for our planet across all sectors. Originally from the suburbs of New York, I now have a master’s degree in Marine Environment Resources where I studied in Spain, France and Belgium. Currently, I live in Barcelona where I work as a Marketing Associate for the non-profit, Emergent, that mobilizes finance to protect tropical forests from deforestation. I plan on continuing my love for travel and for learning about different marine environments and cultures to share knowledge and advice on actions we can all do to become more sustainable in our daily lives.