Eileen Hynes

Panel Member

Eileen Hynes is the Director of Thematic Studies at the Lake and Park School in Seattle, Washington.  This position allows her to use a project-based teaching approach, while working with kindergarten through 5th grade students to support learning of social studies and the sciences. Eileen’s goals are to provide students with the tools to interpret what they are seeing in the field, and to create an environment that encourages students to become knowledgeable about the topic and excited about learning.  Named a National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow in 2012, Eileen traveled to Arctic Svalbard aboard the National Geographic Explorer to experience the Arctic firsthand and bring that experience back to the classroom.  Eileen is dedicated to promoting global citizenship by inspiring students to care about the earth and take action to promote positive change in the world.  As a NOAA Climate Steward Eileen is working to help young people understand the difference between weather and climate, which she sees as the key to understanding the reality of climate change.

Eileen holds a Master’s degree from Bank Street College of Education, a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Kenyon College and has earned National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification.  Eileen is a founding member of the Citizen Science Association.