Daniela González

Water Challenge Youth Coordinator

Hidalgo, Mexico

Daniela is 21 years old from Hidalgo, Mexico. She is a second year student of the LAC university degree. Daniela serves as a Coordinator for the company Servicios de Gestoría Industrial y Ambiental, where she develops her passion in areas like administration, accounting, business, and compliance with environmental laws. Daniela has been amazed and interested in caring for the environment. In 2020, she obtained second place at the regional level in the Premio Nacional Juvenil del Agua with her project “Bebiendo Vida” in which she created her own vegetable bio-adsorbent based on fruit and vegetable peels. In her free time, she usually participates in courses and/or seminars, altruistic activities, getting involved in issues about caring for the environment and mental health, playing the piano, reading books, painting, and enjoying everything related to art.