Claudia Muñoz Colón

Claudia Muñoz Colón is a Bachelor student in Coastal Marine Biology at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao with a great love and passion for the ocean. In hopes to help the environment she has worked along non-profit organizations such as CRES and Surfrider Puerto Rico in efforts to help with environmental conservation by offering education to other students as well as communities of all ages about the importance of the conservation of ecosystems such as coral reefs and mangroves. She has taken action about these environmental problems participating in activities like mangrove and native plants reforestations and beach cleanups, which had been involucrating the communities as well. Claudia has also participated in research experiences related to environmental conservation such as monitoring the light pollution problem happening currently at Fajardo, Puerto Rico which is affecting the bioluminescent bay and monitoring the Sargasso effects on the shore by collecting data and samples of air and water quality. Claudia joined the OceanEcho Fellowship seeking to help and inspire younger people to take action towards ocean conservation so that by 2030 that 30% of the ocean can be protected.