Chanaka Ruwandeniya

Expedition Fellow: Plasticseas

Chanaka works as an S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) teacher across 6 primary schools in the Sugarloaf Region in North East Victoria. The best part of his job is the variety and working with students that actually get into the content and are prepared to DO something. He's always been passionate about the environment and completed an environmental science degree before moving into teaching. One of his favorite environmental speakers is Prince Ea and he shows the "Man vs Earth" video to as many students as he can. Aside from the environment, Chanaka loves hip-hop and randomly produces collaborative rap songs for his friends with his friends. One of his other major passions outside of school is his "Effect the Change" youtube videos and website.  He's super excited to meet more like-minded dedicated people in the PlasticSeas Expedition and loves the opportunity to further his learning and bring that back into the classroom