Carlos Benítez

Veracruz, México

Carlos Jorge Benítez Collins, is 23 years old from Veracruz, México. He's currently completing the last semester of the Marine Biology Major at Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS) and speak Spanish, English, French and is learning Norwegian.

He's been involved in a internship at Veracruz Aquarium, and in the Marine Mammals Investigation Project at UABCS. Last year he participated in the Rescate Oasis SOA project. Currently, he studies the habitat use of dolphins at Vaquita´s refuge zone, assessed with passive acoustic monitoring. He have been amazed by the sea for as long as he can remember,  basically, everything that involves it, especially whales, penguins and fish. In his free time, he usually enjoy reading a good book, diving and playing music.