Brigitta Gunawan

Brigitta is a scholarship student at Australian Independent School Indonesia, currently taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. As a competitive swimmer, she has been selected as one of 20 athletes for Toyota Indonesia’s “Start Your Impossible” Program. Growing up in the tropical islands of Indonesia has allowed Brigitta to witness firsthand the detrimental effects of human misconduct, ever since she took her first baby steps on the shores of Bali. As a translator for Bye Bye Plastic Bags Jakarta, Brigitta actively contributes to the responsibilities of being part of a youth organization aimed at raising awareness and pushing for change. She is also the head of publications, leader, and designer of her school’s ocean conservation club, AIS Blue Team, which advocates for the protection of the ocean and its marine wildlife. Keen on pursuing a degree in marine biology, Brigitta is passionate to stay informed about the urgent need to implement marine protected areas across the globe, knowing that it is crucial for world leaders to act now.