Betsy López-Wagner

Betsy López-Wagner is the founder and principal of López-Wagner Strategies, an equitable communications agency consisting of a multilingual team of visionaries, strategists and climate justice advocates working with mission-driven individuals, organizations, foundations, and companies for social good.

She has worked alongside attorneys, lobbyists, and coalition partners to safeguard the health of communities, protect clean air and water, fight arctic drilling, and protect the ocean’s resources. She's co-devised strategies alongside grassroots activists to ensure their power is seen, heard, and felt from regional to national and international levels by developing a culture of storytelling that elevates authentic personal narratives to emotionally connect with audiences and inspire action.

Betsy's committed to supporting the growth of an inclusive conservation movement to strengthen state, national and international-level priorities to protect our environment, democracy, and above all, people—especially those on the frontlines of an increasingly warming planet, rising ocean, and climate and social injustices. Her expertise is in environmental, bilingual and equitable communications, media relations and campaigns, as well as inclusive grantmaking with a racial justice lens. She is a mentor, coach, trainer, storyteller and DEI practitioner.

In April 2021, she was appointed and confirmed to NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuary (ONMS) Business Advisory Council. She is on the Board of Directors for The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation and she is an advisory group member for Heartwired to Love the Ocean, a project of Wonder: Strategies for Good and Goodwin Simon Strategic Research. She is also actively involved in grassroots level organizing and community projects. Her work is motivated by the community she was born and grew up in, a neighborhood outside of Chicago surrounded by industrial facilities.

She and her husband, a stay-at-home parent, gardener, environmental education advocate, are the parents of a six-year-old lepidopterist and climate activist. Together they farm. Find out more, here: