Alexa Camanag

Alexa Sophia Camanag, a well-rounded and respectable student who greatly appreciates of becoming this years’ Ambassador, for the 2022-2023 year. Alexa is a junior in high school who will graduate this school year. Her career choices are either medicine or engineering. She is hardworking and loves to drink milk tea occasionally. She likes to watch movies and read the books pertaining to those movies. She like to hang out with friends and travel with her family. Although school can be tough and keep her busy, she likes to do activities that are involved outside of school. For example, tutoring young children or helping the local churches out. Alexa is someone who is a great listener and leader. She respects other people’s opinions and loves to hear what they think. Alexa is so excited and glad to be apart of the EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors.