Aisha Al-Dulaimi

Youth Council Member

Aisha Al-Dulaimi is an Iraqi high school student and postcard for peace ambassador. She is also: a painter, singer, actress and a writer, who has been passionate about the environment since she was a child. She planted trees as a girl scout and joined a choir singing about healthy food and nature in Al-Najaf. Aisha used to only care about air pollution and wildlife issues until last year, when she went SCUBA diving in Egypt. There everything seemed to be like a beautiful dream until their guide told them that many of the wonderful species they saw are endangered and might extinct soon because of illegal fishing and plastic pollution.

It was then when she realised that she had to do something about it. Aisha started to do research, began awareness classes in school, and has become involved in many projects ever since. The most recent is called ArtForHeart. It's a non-profit project to collect artworks from donors to display them in an open market and sell them to buyers for whatever price they choose to pay, with all the money going to environmental and educational causes.