Adrian Polizu

Expedition Fellow: Water By Design

My dearest friends know how much I love the ocean because everything I do and talk about ends up being about the beach or coastal landscapes from around the world. I’ve spent majority of my life living in Huntington Beach. I’m a surfer, and have been surfing all of Huntington’s spots since I was a little kid. I was on the surf team at Huntington Beach High school and surfed almost every single morning for four years! But I don’t necessarily resemble a surfer. I was born in Romania in 1978. My parents fled communism to give me a better life and pursue the American Dream. We lived in Alaska from the time I was 6 until I was almost 9. My father worked as a fisherman, fox and husky breeder, and gymnastics coach. We moved to Huntington Beach when the Alaskan cold was just too much to raise a child in, and I’ve only left to travel. I started traveling early in my teens to Central America and South East Asia for surfing and diving, and would continue to go to those beloved places for the rest of my life. My career started in real estate sales and management as a way to make a living when not traveling, but after getting married to the most fascinating and brilliant woman in the world, I decided to follow my heart and commit not only to the love found in a fairy tale, but to a steady and exciting career as a teacher. My wife and I have two small boys, Max, 5, and Alexander, 2. They are now the greatest loves I have, and I spend many days taking them to the nearby places around the coast I have called home for 31 years. I love science, and I am dedicated to the teachings of great scientists and explorers that have formed and organized the way I see the world. I view science as an all-encompassing discipline, and love sharing my passion for our earth and humanity with my students.