Desalination Design Activity

This design challenge moves your students from passive to active learners through a cross-curricular, hands-on team challenge in direct correlation to real-world issues of water conservation. By creating prototype desalination plants and companies, students in grades 6-8 will understand how substances are separated, the need for freshwater conservation, and ultimately how a desalination plant works.

Water By Design
Water Quality
Water By Design
Lesson Plan

Service Learning in Action with Rockway Middle School

Students at Rockway Middle School in Miami, FL, grow corals in their classroom and have learned about the critical ecosystem services that the reefs provide. This classroom is working with university partners to restore habitat by providing healthy corals for transplant to experimental reef sites.

Beyond the Dead Zone

How to Measure Carbon Dioxide

Into the Dead Zone

Into the Dead Zone: What Happens When We Use Fossil Fuels?

Nearly a third of the nutrients that contribute to the Chesapeake Bay Dead zone come from airborne sources. Beginning at a headwaters stream in Shenandoah National Park, Philippe Cousteau Jr. and the EarthEcho Expeditions team investigate how reactive nitrogen in the air makes its way to the Chesapeake Bay.

Into the Dead Zone

How is Electricity Generated? - High School Worksheet

How is Electricity Generated? - Middle School Worksheet

How is Electricity Generated? - High School Lesson Plan

How is Electricity Generated? - Middle School Lesson Plan

Connecting to Deepwater Horizon

Hidden Water

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