EarthEcho International’s Educator Resources are a collection of videos, lesson plans, and other materials designed to support high-quality classroom experiences. They are unique tools to assist educators as they equip young people to explore and protect their local natural resources. Many of the resources are designed to satisfy Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us at and we will see what we can do to help you.

Youth In Action: Ella’s Plastic Clever

Meet Ella Turns, an 8-year-old from England. Ella has taken her favorite hobby, paddleboarding, and turned it into a way to keep her local waters clean. She cleans up marine debris, including fishing nets and ropes. Ella has also created a program where local businesses have eliminated their single-use waste, like plastic bags. She leads Phillipe on a paddleboard clean up in the bay.

Youth in Action: Deep’s Action for Conservation

Meet Deep Shah, a young man who lives outside London. Deep volunteers with the organization Action for Conservation and works to empower other young people to take action for the environment. Deep shares his work with Philippe, including his recent work on an oyster bed restoration project to help provide habitat for juvenile fish and other organisms in Hampton, England.

STEM Career Closeup: Thomas Stamp

Thomas Stamp is a marine biologist and Ph.D. student at the University of Plymouth. Tom studies how fish, specifically sea bass, move in and out of habitats during their life using acoustic telemetry. He uses this information to help fishermen and policymakers make educated choices on fishing.

STEM Career Closeup: Loveday Trinick

Loveday Trinick is a schools officer at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, England. Loveday educates the young people who visit the aquarium about our ocean planet. Learn more about the average day of a schools officer, including leading dissections and more.

STEM Career Closeup: Abigail McQuatters-Gollop

Dr. Abigail McQuatters-Gollop is an Associate professor of marine conservation at the University of Plymouth. She is also a plankton ecologist, she helps policymakers work with scientists in order to properly manage the ocean environment. Dr. McQuatters-Gollop combines her research with conservation and science communication to make a difference.

STEM Career Closeup: Louise Firth

Dr. Louise Firth is an ecological engineer. She designs habitats that help organisms thrive in man-made habitats, such as sea walls. Dr. Firth does not have a typical day, she can be found lecturing, during fieldwork, engineering habitats and more.

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OurEcho Challenge Lesson Plan

For educators looking to teach biodiversity to their students. Lead students from the basics of biodiversity to building solutions to foster and protect this element of our world.

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Virtual Field Trip: Marine Mammals and Plastic Pollution

Join EarthEcho International and the Marine Mammal Foundation of Australia for an engaging 45-minute virtual field trip. Learn more from Dr. Kate Charlton-Rob, the Executive Director of MMF and Head of Research as she tells us more about the unique marine mammals of Australia and the impacts plastic has of them.

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