Who can participate in an EarthEcho virtual event?

Anyone! Our virtual events are open to everyone. Each EarthEcho virtual event will focus on specific science standards for middle and/or high school students, but will be enjoyable and informative for a wide range of audiences.

What does it mean to “participate” in a virtual event?

We consider a virtual event participant anyone who logs on to view the event. All our virtual events take place via Zoom and are streamed live to our YouTube channel. We’d love it if you could watch for the duration and ask questions, but it is not required.

Where do I watch EarthEcho virtual events?

Virtual events are broadcast on our website, via an embedded YouTube player. If you have pre-registered on our website, you will receive a link to participate live via Zoom.  

To make sure you receive the email, please check that you have on your safe sender list and have not previously unsubscribed from our mailings.

If you have not pre-registered, please visit the Virtual Events page, all events are listed there in chronological order (most recent first).

What equipment do I need to participate?

Participating in a virtual event does not require any special equipment. Requirements are identical to those needed to watch a typical YouTube video: broadband/high speed internet, a computer, and speakers. If you are showing the event to a classroom or large group, we recommend projecting on a screen or SMART board just as you would your typical lessons.

If you are unable to access Zoom or YouTube videos from your classroom or workplace, you will need to speak with a network administrator or IT person ahead of time.

We are unable to answer technical questions about your specific network and privacy settings, as each network is different. If you have questions, please contact someone within your school, district, or workplace.

Will I/my classroom be on camera?

Classrooms and educators participating in these events typically will not appear live on camera, unless you have chosen the option to participate as a live, interactive video site.

Classrooms, experts and scientists appearing on camera are set up well in advance of each event.

How will I ask questions?

During the virtual event, your site can ask questions via a chat space. Please note that you must be watching the event live via Zoom or YouTube in order to have access to the chat space. You may submit as many questions as you would like--we will try our best to answer as many as possible.

If you are viewing the event in full screen, you will need to exit full screen in order to see the chat space.

Virtual Event vs. Virtual Field Trip vs. Virtual Career Connection, What’s the difference?

In short, nothing! All EarthEcho virtual events are streamed live and are conducted using Zoom, the platform that we use to broadcast our live events. Typically, EarthEcho Expeditions virtual events are called “Virtual Field Trips” and EarthEcho STEMExplore virtual events are called “Virtual Career Connections.” Other than content or featured experts, there is no difference between the events.

What if I can’t join live?

Every event is recorded and immediately posted to EarthEcho’s YouTube channel, Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of the latest uploads. Please note that you will not be able to ask questions via chat after the live event has ended.

What if the video isn’t playing correctly or I don’t see a video on this page?

If you don’t see the livestream on the page, first check to make sure you are on the correct page and it is the correct date and time of the scheduled virtual event. Then try reloading or refreshing the page. You may need to click the “play” button on the YouTube player box.