2024 UK OurEcho Challenge TEAMS

Congratulations to the 2024 Winners

1st Place - £5,000: Henry Richard Team

Ysgol Henry Richard - School in Tregaron, Wales
This team is aiming to integrate biodiversity more into their farmland by increasing the number of plant species to complement agricultural practices. They will start with a grazing biodiversity scheme called a herbal ley, which will include a carefully controlled, sowed variety of plant species that can benefit both grazing animals and pollinator species.

2nd Place - £2,500: Verdant Vale Guardians

The King's (The Cathedral) School in Peterborough, England
This team aims to manage soil erosion caused by erratic rainfall patterns in an effort to maintain local biodiversity. They plan to use drones to create a drain map to mark areas of peak water flow in order to implement measures to protect the local habitats.

3rd Place - £1,000: Team Biogarden

Heathcote Sports and Science College in Chingford, England
This team is hoping to increase biodiversity by creating a bio-garden at their school that will consist of 5 sections: flowers, trees, insects, a pond, and a classroom.

Congratulations to the finalists

Team Sparrows
People's Choice Award Winners

Eastlea Community School in London, England
This team is working to restore the House Sparrow population by creating suitable habitats for this species, using birdhouses integrated with plants to provide thick vegetation for protection.

Butterfly Buddies

Haybridge High School and Sixth Form in Hagley, England
This team’s project proposes to help the endangered Pearl Bordered Fritillary butterflies by creating a nursery that would support and nurture them with nutrients throughout all stages of their life cycle.

Eastlea Eco Projects Group

Eastlea Community School in London, England
This team is working to combat urbanization with an urban greening project. They will design and implement green spaces around their school community to improve biodiversity in an urban setting.

Team Jalloh

London, England
Team Jalloh is tackling biodiversity by reducing the amount of waste or rubbish in their community. They are creating a prototype that will be placed on the underside of trash bin lids to alert workers when the bin is full ensuring maximum efficiency on trash collection day, therefore creating less pollution.

Sheffield Rivers

Sheffield High School in Sheffield, England
This team plans to use an algae species to help improve water quality and benefit the existing ecosystem in the Sheffield Rivers. The team will monitor their efforts by measuring water quality and ecosystem health at set intervals.

Team EPA Eco Warriors

East Point Academy in Lowestoft, England
EPA Eco Warriors aim is to create more sustainable and eco-friendly school grounds using a holistic approach. They will implement a more regimented system for littering/trash collection, create a vegetable garden in an unused space, and provide a safe space for local wildlife by creating a pond.

The Greens Scarborough

Scarborough College in Scarborough, England
The Greens Scarborough is building shelters for hedgehog populations, which are rapidly declining throughout the UK. The team plans to provide the hedgehogs with a safe space to hibernate, hide from predators, and nest their young.

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