2023 UK OurEcho Challenge TEAMS

Congratulations to the 2023 WINNERS

1st Place - £5,000: Team Falinge

Falinge Park High School in Rochdale, Lancashire, England
This team is looking to increase the amount of sphagnum moss in their local peat bogs of Greater Manchester to make a positive impact on biodiversity and air quality. Moss is often overlooked and eradicated by humans, who do not realise that moss is an integral part of England’s ecosystems. This team’s community council has a goal to 'restore 50-75% of peatland by 2038' so they are taking small steps to make a big difference as well as make their school a better place for all living things.

2nd Place - £2,500: Team Bio Hazard
People's Choice Award Winners

Reading School in Reading, Berkshire, England
This team is designing an eco-friendly garbage truck that runs on solar panels and biofuel. The truck design is outfitted with a collection system that will separate land-fill waste from compostable waste, which can be used as biofuel. Gas-powered vehicles account for a portion of greenhouse gas emissions and this team is attempting to reduce these emissions which contribute to climate change.

3rd Place - £1,000: Team TA SREWS

The Thomas Aveling School in Rochester, Kent, England
This team plans to create safe-haven habitats in marshlands and fields to protect animals such as hedgehogs, squirrels, and insects from human disturbance. By creating a safe space and undisturbed habitats, the team believes that more wildlife will be attracted to these areas, therefore increasing biodiversity. The team will also focus on public education to inform others about how we can take action to protect wild animals.

congratulations to the finalists

Heidi's Team

Our Lady's Abingdon in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
This team is proposing to create important pollinator habitats in multiple cities. The team plans to recruit volunteer gardeners to help plant and maintain “bee-friendly” gardens in various locations. Increasing areas for pollinators to thrive will increase the diversity of plant life in each community.

Team Thomas Aveling MS (TAMS)

The Thomas Aveling School in Rochester, Kent, England
This team is working to increase native plant and tree species in empty fields near their school. By creating a thriving, lush habitat filled with wildflowers, trees, and other plants, this team hopes to encourage wildlife like pollinators and birds to inhabit these rehabilitated areas, increasing biodiversity in their community.

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