2020 OurEcho Challenge Winners

1st Place - Team Crayfish - Medea Creek Middle School (Oak Park, CA).
Creating sustainable fishing practices for the removal of an invasive crayfish species. Grant Prize: $10,000.

2nd Place - Team Super Plants - Proof School (San Francisco, CA)
Creating community gardens filled with plants with "supercharged" roots to help sequester carbon dioxide to combat climate change. Grant Prize: $5,000.

3rd Place - Team Aquabotics - Bednarcik Junior High School (Aurora, IL)
Designing a robot to locate and collect debris in a local pond, with the ultimate goal of creating a network of autonomous, self-sustaining robots to keep water systems and oceans clean. Grant Prize: $2,000.

Congratulations to the 2020 Finalists!

Team International Bird Hotel Developers - Brooks Middle School (Oak Park, IL)
Creating a variety of innovative habitats to attract native, migratory bird species to their local area.

Team Invasive Ivy Squad - Montessori Children's House (Redmond, WA)
Developing an invasive ivy removal plan, which will allow native plant species to thrive.

Team California Native Bees - Medea Creek Middle School (Oak Park, CA)
Restoring native bee populations by planting gardens that will attract the bees back to the community.

Team Prairie Protectors - Bednarcik Junior High School (Aurora, IL)
Developing plans for rain gardens to mitigate flooding problems while creating important habitats for a variety of plant and animal species.

Team Pollinator Paper - Bednarcik Junior High School (Aurora, IL)
Creating habitats for pollinators (e.g., bees, butterflies) by planting gardens in their community using specially designed seed paper greeting cards.

Team Swamp Stompers - Coventry Middle School (Akron, OH)
Propagating native plant species to replace the invasive species that threaten the native plants within critical bog habitats in Ohio.

Plastic Free NC’s Green Team - Love A Sea Turtle (Greenville, NC)
Designing "floating islands" to help increase habitats and biodiversity in local ponds, lakes and streams.