EarthEcho’s World Water Monitoring Challenge Launch Week Events

March 16 - 22, 2015

Please join EarthEcho International's co-founder and president Philippe Cousteau, alongside students, families, and communities throughout the world to kick off the 2015 EarthEcho International World Water Monitoring Challenge™.  

REGISTER NOW for live virtual events on March 18 and 19 as EarthEcho leads water quality testing demonstrations with local students and volunteers around the US.  These events are part of a week-long kickoff celebrating the EarthEcho World Water Monitoring Challenge™, a program that provides resources and tools for people around the world to test and improve the quality of surface water in their communities. Join us live through Cisco WebEx to learn how to participate in the EarthEcho World Water Monitoring Challenge™, ask questions, and interact with Philippe and participants. We will broadcast live from Dallas, TX on March 18 and Washington, DC on March 19.

Register to view the events by selecting your preferred date and time:

March 18, 3pm EDT

March 19, 12pm EDT

What is World Water Monitoring Challenge?

The EarthEcho World Water Monitoring Challenge empowers and equips anyone to protect the water resources we depend on every day.  By conducting simple water quality tests in your community and sharing the data through a network of citizens from more than 120 countries, you become part of the solution for clean water and healthy waterways worldwide.  The Challenge involves three easy steps:

  1. Test - Check the water quality in your local community with a simple test kit from the WWMC website.
  2. Share – Upload your data online to our international database.
  3. Protect – Use the information and resources available at to make clean water and healthy water ways a priority every day.

Order your low-cost World Water Monitoring Kit today and be ready to take the challenge!