World Water Monitoring Day 2017

On September 18, 2017 we invite you to join us to take part in World Water Monitoring Day – a global initiative desired inspire people around the world to test their local water quality and encourage action to protect water.

Through the EarthEcho Water Challenge, we’re equipping global citizens with the tools needed to understand their water resources and use data collected through water quality testing to make informed decisions about water conservation.  

Want to get involved? World Water Monitoring Day is a great place to start! Consider the following ways to take action on September 18 and beyond:

Join the EarthEcho Water Challenge: Visit to learn how you can get started monitoring your local water ways, collecting data about the state of your water resources, and sharing this data through our EarthEcho Water Challenge Database. Consider ordering a water test kit to use in your local community and be sure to upload your data on theEarthEcho Water Challenge site.

Protect Your Waterways: After exploring the Water Challenge site, and testing your local water quality, it’s time to take action! Recruit your friends and family to help you create a plan to protect your water resources. Cleanup a local river or waterway, plant native plants at a local park, or give a presentation on water quality in your school or work place – the opportunities are endless!

Tell Your Story: We want to know how you’re taking action to protect your local waterways. Share photos of your actions on social media using hashtag #MonitorWater and share highlights from your work with EarthEcho International.

We looking forward to learning about the ways you take action on September 18 and throughout the year!